We took a crew of repeat customers on a beach shark charter this past week and had a lot of success. If you aren’t familiar with our beach shark charters they are all land based. We will set up in front of your condo, paddle out baits, and do everything we can to hook you up with a fish of a lifetime! On this particular trip we guided a crew of repeat customers who had been shark fishing with us before. Local shark legend Capt David Miller set up the rods and paddled the baits out around 4:30pm. These aren’t little baits we are using either. We are using whole fish that weigh up to 10 pounds in hopes of inviting a 200 plus pound shark to dinner. It wasn’t long before we had our first run. At around 5:30pm one of our big reels took off with a for sure monster on the other end. Unfortunately the hook pulled, but it was still pretty exciting. We didn’t get our next bite till around 9:30, but it was well worth the wait. After a 30 minute battle our customer pulled a giant spinner shark that measured close to 8ft in length. Catching a monster fish like that is such a rush, and is something everyone should experience when visiting Pensacola beach. After catching the first shark our clients proceeded to land 3 more around 6 ft in length. It was another very successful night for AnglerUp Charters.  Below are a few pictures of the experience.

If you are looking to book a shark trip of your own then give us a call. Our number is (850) 450-3878. Families and kids of all ages are welcomed to come out for this once in a lifetime experience.

See ya on the water

Capt Brant