Today I guided Jeff Bond and his buddies on a 4 hour inshore trip in Santa Rosa sound. I fish with these guys a couple times a year and they are always a blast to be on the boat with. I was a little concerned about the conditions going into today’s trip because the weather was calling for 25mph winds and rain. We met at the boat launch at 7am and despite the weather we decided to go fishing anyway. The winds were high and we were very limited on where we could fish but I was bound and determined to put these guys on fish. Heck, if the weather was perfect everyday then you couldn’t call my job work:) We fished my first two spots with little to show. By the time the weather was getting worse. I  made the decision to make a two mile run to a grass flat that usually holds good fish on bad weather days. We got to our spot and I pitched the first bait out and handed the rod to my client. As soon as it hit the water the line took off and the battle was on! My client soon boated a perfect 24″ keeper redfish. I quickly rigged up 3 other rods and we proceeded to catch redfish every cast for a solid hour. As most of you know, the legal limit on Redfish is 2 per person in the state of Florida so we quickly got our limit on this trip. After catching a bunch of nice reds we decided to hit a bay snapper spot on the way in. The weather was getting awful and rain was in the distance so I let my clients pull on a couple snapper a piece and we headed to the house. This ended up being a very successful trip with the weather the way it was. Anytime you get a 4 person limit of reds in terrible weather it’s a good day! This was another successful trip with great clients!

Capt Brant