Today was one of those days where all the stars align to create the perfect outdoor adventure. It’s not very often where you can say you caught a fish of a lifetime, but when is there ever a day when you can say you caught two fish of a lifetime? I didn’t think it was possible off Pensacola Beach until today. The AnglerUp Charters crew of Capt David Miller, Capt Tim Land, and Capt Will Nelson,  set out on this particular morning strictly to target monster fish. All I have heard over the past two months from Capt David was how he was going to catch a giant Goliath Grouper in Pensacola. There is only one problem with that statement. We don’t have hardly any giant Goliath Grouper in Pensacola. I’m sure there are a few stragglers hanging around, but in my 10 years as a fishing guide I have yet to see one, so of course I always laughed at David when he would talk about it. I’m completely okay with being proven wrong and in this particular situation David completely proved me wrong. He did exactly what he said he was going to do and he did it on the very first drop. David put a live bonito down on a Tiagra 80 wide and it immediately got hit. There was very little excitement over the fight since he thought it was a bull shark. After a quick 5 minute fight the a monster goliath grouper rolled up from underneath the boat. This was without a doubt one of the most exciting fish caught in the Pensacola area, but the story doesn’t end here. At the same time that David was battling his fish of a lifetime Tim and Will had spotted a giant Cobia and were now battling their fish of a lifetime. They didn’t know it at the time, but on the end of their line was the largest Cobia caught on the Florida gulf coast so far in 2018. Tim finally gaffed the monster fish and it was all smiles from there. They weighed the Cobia in at Outcast bait and tackle and to their disbelief the fish weighed in at 91 pounds! This was truly an insane day for the AnglerUp charters crew. My only hopes are the the next part of the year goes as well as the first part.

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See ya on the water

Capt Brant