Capt Brant Striped Bass Tutorial 1-21-12

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The target fish for the month of January has been Striped Bass. I consider Striped Bass the comback fish of the century. In the early 80’s, the Striped Bass population had declined by millions. This was due mainly to over fishing. Great efforts over the last 30 years by fisherman, biologist, and management programs, have proved to be successful in the comeback of this awesome fish! We are seeing more Stripers in our local river systems now, than ever before. This is shocking to some anglers, because Striped bass prefer very cold water, thus making them more plentiful along the northern east coast of the United States. The thought of targeting Striped Bass in our humid climate, rarely crosses a Florida angler’s mind. As a young kid, I was introduced to Striper fishing by my father, a Milton native, who grew up fishing the local rivers for Stripers or “Rock Bass” as they were called when he was a kid.  I learned to pattern these fish at an early age. Learning how Stripers react during certain tides and climate changes is something I have studied for the last 15 years. This knowledge has led to great success for me as a Striped Bass fisherman. I am very excited to see what our local biologist and fish hatchery have in store for our Striper population in the coming years!
The knowledge I gained as a young kid has allowed me to be a successful Striped Bass fishing guide in northwest Florida. From the months of October through February, Striped Bass is the target fish on my charters. On January 20th, I had the privilege of doing a Striped Bass tutorial with a military group stationed in Pensacola. After the work they do for our country, I was eager to show them a great time. The goal for the day was to educate them on the basics of Striper fishing using all artificial lures. The group was experienced and caught on very quick to my teachings. The tide was perfect this morning, however, the warm weather was sure to shut the bite off an hour or so after daylight. We met at the launch at 5:30 and were fishing by 5:45. We had an exciting start to the trip, landing a 5lb Striped Bass on the first cast of the morning. The bite stayed solid for over an hour, and although they never landed the 25 pound Striper they were looking for, we all had a great time and caught lots of fish! I get more enjoyment out of giving clients the knowledge I have gained over years of experience than actually catching the fish. On this particular trip I could not have asked for a better group of people!
tight lines,
Capt Brant Peacher

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