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Today I guided a crew eager to experience what Pensacola Bay has to offer. The Sheepshead and Redfish bite has been on fire as of late and today was no different. We raced across the smooth waters of Pensacola bay and arrived at our first destination. We were greeted with a perfect tide which is great when deep water fishing. Right now most of the fish are gathered in deep holes in our bay so we have to find the with the sonar then drop down on top of the school to catch them. Once I located the school of fish we immediately starting hooking up with ┬ámonster 5 to 8lb sheepshead. The bite was crazy! After keeping 12 to 15 for dinner we decided to go pull on some reds. It didn’t take long before we found exactly what we were looking for. I locatedAU charters 5 a school of about 5o reds on a shallow flat. We had to be pretty quite in order to not spook them. We pitched our first bait in the school with no luck so I changed to a little lighter line in hopes of enticing a bite. The second cast was game on! We pulled a nice 25″ red from the school and it was high fives all around! We proceeded to catch about 10 more from this school before calling it a day. Awesome weather, good fishing, and great clients made my job very easy on this particular trip. I have attached a few pics for your enjoyment.

Tight lines,
Capt Brant

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