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If you’re traveling to the Florida gulf coast anytime within the next 45 days you should be in for a treat. The water is cooling down and the famous fall Redfish run is finally here. The Redfish run will last from now through the end of November, and landing a trophy of your own is almost a guarantee. This time of year makes my job as your guide fairly easy. You don’t have to go far from land to catch these fish, they aren’t affected by the weather, and they are usually very aggressive. For this reason we mainly target them with artificial lures. Live bait isn’t a necessity this time of year. Each fish range in size from around 15 pounds up to 35 pounds. Unfortunately, most of them are to big to keep, but they are a blast to catch and make for an awesome photo opportunity.

A normal trip consists of leaving the dock around 7am and start fishing as soon as we depart from the launch site. It’s that quick! These giant schools of 500 plus fish could show up anywhere at any time, and they are extremely easy to spot. The key to finding them is to watch for the birds. The Seagulls tend to always give away the location of the Redfish. Once the Redfish push the bait schools to the top of the water the Seagulls are always close by so they can swoop down for a free snack. For this reason a pair of binoculars is always a handy tool to bring with you. You will often spot birds diving on bait fish from over a mile away, and you would never see them with just your naked eye. Fortunately for my clients Pensacola bay is one of the best locations in the entire state to find these large schools of fish, and I would highly recommend a charter this time of year. We will also mix the trip up with other species like mackerel, Mahi, flounder, ect..

If you’re in the area and looking to book your fall redfish excursion then feel free to give me a call at 850-450-3878 or fill out our booking request online. The weather has been great and the fish are biting. It’s very rare that you will leave the boat disappointed on a fall trip.

See ya on the water
Capt Brant

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