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It’s been the biggest fall ever at Angler Up Charters!! With a Belize vacation in my near future I am thrilled to say I have more than reached my charter quota for the 2015 season. I constantly remind myself to take a break, but it’s tough to quit fishing when the bite is so good! Below you can read my latest report from the Pensacola area. I have also attached a few pics from our recent trips. I hope you enjoy them!

November is now underway and it’s off to a magnificent start. The Redfish have taken up residence inshore, and we have seen no evidence of a decline in our offshore fishery as of late. The slot sized Redfish are holding tight to structure on the inshore wrecks. Live Shrimp or any small fish bait works best. Expect to see plenty of Mangrove Snapper in the mix as well. If you’re after the over sized Redfish focus on the deep water structure near the pass with a large fish bait like a menhaden. This technique works best when fishing a moving tide. Offshore we are being greeted by plenty of King Mackerel in the 10 to 20 pound range. They are exceptionally aggressive, so any kind of fish bait works best. I prefer a Cigar Minnow or a Menhaden. You can also find a great deal of Amberjack on the large public wrecks. These fish need to be 30″ to the fork to harvest, but we haven’t had an issue locating legal fish. Be mindful of the fact that you can only keep an Amberjack if it’s caught within state waters. Federal waters are closed until further notice. Unfortunately, most of Mahi Mahi have moved out along with the blue water. We need a few weeks of zero rain to get them back in.

If you’re in the area and looking to get in on some nearshore action then please give me a call at 850-450-3878 or shoot me an email

See ya on the water





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